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1997 cr500

21.10.2020 1997 cr500

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Cr500 in Motorcycles For Sale

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Shop by Discount back. Dirt Bike Motorcycle Cruiser Motorcycle Goldwing Harley-Davidson Scooter 8. Sport Bike Snowmobile 4.Yes the BBR that makes all kinds of insanely trick parts for pit bikes.

Yes those are billet CR center cases. Companies like Rekluse, Boyesen, Sudco and Crank Works are also involved on the engine portion of this build. Crank Works got the crank finished, they balanced it and installed a billet rod. They also polished the transmission. He also got a Boyesen intake and reeds which he matched to the cylinder. With Excel rimsstainless spokes, black aluminum nipples, they black cerakoted the stock hubs, and installed all new bearings and seals.

American Powder Coating in Auburn Washington did a perfect job on the frame. With the way Carson rides this system will definitely be put to the test. Once fabricated the tank will go through a heat treatment process and then be polished.

The swingarm below will go through a similar process. We stared at this picture for a long before we said a word. Assembly starts now so stay tuned for more. Click the image below for more! You might also like More from author. Race Reports. Home Page Features. Prev Next. Follow Us dirtbikemag.

Close this module. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Necessary.There's not a whole lot new with Honda's CRR this year. But, then again, the thing's already the great white shark of the open class, so why change it?

In reality, there are probably only a handful of riders in the country who can realize its true potential, and Jeff Stanton was the last one who used it to pound the competition into the ground like a tent stake.

So, why's it still around? The same reason pit bulls are still around: because it's the most awesome thing to ever evolve in its class, and something has to be the biggest and the best. And trust us on this: the CR's a whole lot more fun. The new CRR is the biggest technological innovation to hit the Supercross and motocross circuits since the introduction of the two-stroke.

At a glance, it instantly sends every other slinking over to the vintage class. And you know that in the next couple of years, everyone else is going to be making the switch, too.

But how many years are you willing to run around in last place, waiting for them to evolve? The result of years of research and more than a decade of developing aluminum frames first on the road-race tracks of the world and then for the world's best sportbikes, the CR's chassis catapults it into the next millennium three years early. But the frame's only the most visible part of the story. The CRR gets new suspension, new bodywork, new carburetion - even something as simple as the fuel tank is radically rethought because of this new design.

It's like the move from slithering around in the primordial ooze to walking on two legs. Or maybe in your case, from running midpack to running up front. There's no shortage of teams waving contracts in his face, and there's no way he's going to ride a bike that doesn't give him every advantage in the book.

So what's SuperMac riding in '97, and how are you going to argue with that? Watch any nature show on television for more than five minutes, and you're going to see the young males fighing for dominance. Now turn your TV set to the one-twenty-five National at Washougal or Budd's Creek or the Anaheim SX and listen to the billion-bumblebee wail that roars out just before the gate drops.

Notice any similarities? The class is the fiercest, most competitive class there is, a class where if you even think about backing off the throttle, nine guys are going to pass you so fast into the first turn that you'll think your engine's seized.

And what's the only that can get the job done? Simple: the CR. Sound like we're bragging?Make Honda. Model CR. This is a honda cr with greensticker and up to date registration. It has lots of bolt on extras and a new pro circuit pipe and spark arrestor. Also has a fresh top end. Local pick up only, I live in moreno valley california Message me for more info or my cell if you need to talk to me. This bike is a beast and runs great. Spent much of its time in my garage since I have owned it from This is a super clean Honda CR !!!!

Cleanest one around! I purchased this bike with very low hours from the original owner to build a nice vintage racer and conversation piece. No cost was spared, no corners were cut in building this bike. Bike was completely stripped to the frame, cylinder removed to inspect piston and rings and cylinder; all of which show little to no wear whatsoever.

1997 cr500

Main clutch cover removed to inspect clutch, which was in perfect condition, no basket grooves, and plates still look new. New gaskets were installed on head, cylinder base, reed plate, clutch covers, and ignition cover.

All bearings were in great shape to begin with. If there was a part that I was not happy with the way it cleaned up, I simply ordered new parts from Honda. This bike got all the attention it ever needed and more, and was built to be a race bike.

The biggest component to this bike is the custom Enzo suspension setup by Craig Decker. These bikes are pure beasts, but if they don't handle well, they aren't worth the metal they are made out of! So Craig completely rebuilt it, with new springs for a to lb Novice to Intermediate MX rider, complete custom valving on both the shock and the forks, and all new internals including all seals and bushings. Awesome power and suspension needs great stopping power, that's why I added a complete front brake from a CRF with the updated reservoir and lever.

Many many details involved in building this bike, please see below for complete build list, keep in mind that I had help from a local shop as well as well known vendors to complete this project. Most of these parts were acquired 25 to 30 percent off retail, this total would be much much more if no help was received.If you're one of those riders who believes the slogans on motorcycle T-shirts or, better yet, thinks they are talking about you or if you find four-strokes boringly civilized, then Service Honda built its CRAF for you.

Many riders in their 20s have never experienced a cc two-stroke, and most have never turned a wheel in competition on one. In terms of outright horsepower and torque, a typical isn't much more muscular than a contemporary four-stroke. But whereas a four-stroke builds power smoothly, the cc two-stroke has steps in the powerband in which boost builds explosively.

For example, the Honda CRR engine used by Service Honda is tame compared with one frombut it and virtually all CRRs still has a spot in the midrange at which the power jumps 18 horsepower in rpm! That can be a handicap in some situations; but when there are hills, deep sand or loam straights, sweepers or long start areas, a makes you feel as if you're attached to the end of a giant rubber band, and the giant just let it fly.

1997 cr500 - $3500 (Altadena)

In other words, this bike is for power fanatics who can't get enough of the sheer thrill of acceleration. It isn't completely civilized, but it is a rush. Sort Of A Honda Honda quit making the CRR several years ago, but even before it did, there were cc addicts who chafed at the fact that their favorite open bike was languishing in a technology dead zone.

The remained unchanged through three upgraded models of the CRR before being dropped from the lineup. As each new generation of the CRR chassis enters production, Service develops a new bike around it-until now. The problem is the CRR has been technologically suffering a little, and selling the leftover engines has been slow.

These days, the CRF four-strokes have the most-modern version of Honda's aluminum chassis, so Service decided to create the '05 AF using the CRFR four-stroke chassis, since it is the latest fourth-generation design from Honda while the CRR still has the third-generation rendition.

As a result, in terms of handling and ergonomics, the CRAF is actually as modern as any Honda motocross or off-road bike. What's It Like?

The feeling is somewhat hard to explain. It is difficult to even imagine the sheer level of excitement and acceleration a CRR generates.

It also feels as if the '05 CRAF has a shorter overall wheelbase. Naturally, the engine is kickstart only for the moment; Service wants an E-start version to install in CRFX frames for thrill-seeking off-roaders.

1997 Honda CR500R products

Despite the kickstarter, the AF is not a chore to start. It does like a full-travel, energetic kick, but it usually responds with enthusiasm to a decent effort. Vibration is strong compared with modern four-strokes but not bad for a cc two-stroke.

The engine warms quickly and is ready to ride. We found ourselves modifying our trail rides to include longer straights, more hills and additional sweepers just to have more opportunities to let 'er rip! The power is addicting, and the bike is happiest with most of the horses out of the barn. However, most of the customers looking for something this specialized also want some additional goodies.

1997 cr500

Our bike came with a billet rear caliper mount, billet engine covers and triple clamps and MX Tech suspension mods. Honestly, if you have a Service Honda in your sights, consider the suspension mods a must, as the additional weight not too much and power roughly double have a substantial effect. We didn't ride one with stock suspension and would be surprised if it worked very well with this engine.

On one ride, we ran dry with the stock tank 30 percent earlier than with an '05 CRR also with a stock tankso we installed a Clarke unit. It cleared the coolant fittings and spark plug better; we hardly noticed it while riding; and in the natural color, it is vastly easier to fill without overflowing. We'd consider this tank a must-have-even for moto.

Track Time We spent a fair amount of time on the motocross track with the AF and found it clearly appreciates a fast track with a lot of flow more than a tight and jump-filled one. The power can be a little hard to control on a short-approach jump; but if you are good with throttle control, the bike will feel neutral in the air. It also excelled more in softer dirt than on sticky hardpack.Want more information for this particular auto auction?

Interested in bidding on this vehicle? Check the licensing requirements for this state to determine whether or not you need a business license to bid. As of now, the sale date is Tue. Jun 13, All bids are binding and all sales are final. What This Means. Your Bid:. If your bid is the high pre-bid it will be represented in the live auction. When pre-bid and live bid amounts are equal the bid placed during the live auction is considered the winning bid.

Your new Maximum Bid cannot be less than the Current Bid. We will reduce your Maximum Bid to the value entered or the current Bid whichever is greater. If you wish to keep or increase your current Maximum Bid click the cancel button below to close the window. Due to licensing restrictions you are unable to bid on this lot. However the following options are available for unlicensed buyers. These vehicles are NOT assigned to an auction yet.

1997 cr500

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They are also NOT eligible for bidding yet. While it is our objective to provide the most current, up-to-date and reliable information to you, Copart makes no representation to the accuracy of the information on this build sheet.

Furthermore, users should undertake sufficient verification to determine the suitability for their own particular purpose of any information or products provided by this build sheet. Powered by:. Your bid will remain confidential throughout the process and will not be visible to other bidders. You should therefore bid the maximum you believe is required to win the lot.

You may submit a higher bid at any time during the auction which will supersede your previous bid.

1994 Honda CR500 v 2018 Factory KTM 450 Dakar racer

After the sale closes our automated system will determine the highest bid and award the lot to that bidder. Your bid must be within the bid increments.

1997 cr500

Please review the table below. Then try your bid again. Increment bidding allows CrashedToys to increase your entered bid by one and only one increment in the event your entered bid is tied with a bid from another member.

If your bid is the highest bid, then your bid will NOT be incremented.Now Available. Own a piece of history and have fun playing with it! My Honda CR is up for sale, Has been garage kept it's entire life. It is time for someone else to have some fun with it.

As you can see the bike needs nothing but a rider. Pipe is dinged, dented as the bike has been ridden and of course dropped a few times unexpectedly.

Tires, heavyduty. Located in Phoenix, delivery possible. Arizona plated for street as shown in pics withorange plastic. Can be restored back to 'Fighting Red'config with original parts and all plastic as shown in photoswith red plastic. Removed many orig parts and all plasticbefore riding to save for resto.

Still low-time and in very good shape overall. Ok, lot of time and money went into rebuilding this beast. Bike has only 5 hours run time on it. Honda CR Bikes and parts.

CB Experienced riders only firm. Tore down to the frame, frame painted then built back up with all practically new parts. Engine is fresh. Top and bottom including clutch basket and plates. Upgraded radiators and hoses. Break away levers. Too many parts to list. I have paperwork on every part put on the bike. Has been sitting in my garage for a year. Have a spare OEM shock. Sprung for lbs intermediate. Can remove them if not wanted. I have a Honda shop manual that will go with the bi.

Very clean, hard to find 92 Yamaha WR Third owner since 96'. Clean WA title in my name.


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